Cosmic Knowledge in 3D. Get into your body and live here, now.

I’m Krista Carter, Folk Mother and domestic mystic.

I come from a family of strong-willed women who fought to express feminine individuality in spite of social norms.

Through Art, Religion, Academia, and Motherhood, they strived for excellence and intellectual freedom.

In my own work with women, I strive to perfect this tradition and set women free in the mind, heart, and body.

This perfection (of course) starts with my own tempering.

Years ago, I had a problem setting boundaries in relationships.

I broke promises to myself, violated my own hopes and dreams, and killed my spirit to gain love.

Since childhood, I struggled with food; self-medicating to drown the feelings and ground my energy.

When I finally started to wake up from my spiritual death and desire a better life, I discovered I wasn’t the only woman-zombie searching for salvation.┬áSocial media helped me to connect with women all over the world who felt dead, disconnected, and desperate for radical self-love.

Over and over, they kept telling me they needed to learn what I was learning:

That energy needs to expand and flow, channeling through sacred movement and service.

That setting and honoring boundaries wasn’t merely an option–it was imperative.

I finally realized, my foremothers made me for this bold work with women–that through my journey, together, we will rise.

And so, my life work is to share my journey of health and sacred knowledge.

I show women how to establish a profound connection with their womanhood, and embody their divine nature.

My books and workshops provide the principles for self-initiation into a life that is grounded and powerful.

I teach cosmic knowledge in 3D.

If it’s not practical, I won’t preach it.

With wisdom and wit, I bring esoteric principles of sacred femininity and boundary-setting down to earth where they can do us some good.

A unique feature of my approach is the inclusion of moving meditation and sacred dance to stimulate the senses and shake those chakras.

Get into your body and live here, now.

Now that you know about me, I would love to know about your journey.

Connect with me via social media, and be sure to join my list below to know when the next free Q+A or workshop is available.

Blessings, dear Sister, and Welcome to the Sanctuary.


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