Greetings, Sisters!  My name is Krista, and I’m a mixed bag…spiritual trail mix, if you will.

In general, there are two standards to which I pin my life: my star chart, and my mother’s intuition. All the insight they can offer is that my strength lies in conveying my experience of the inner world to those I encounter.

On occasion, I have had the privilege to be sized up by Mema, my paternal grandmother. Mema was both a harsh critic and a woman of refined taste who never ever minced words–not even to save someone’s feelings. I wrote her a couple of letters in my twenties, and in her response, she told me that I was good with words, and that I should be a writer.

I was floored. At the time, I had well over 15 years of writing toil under my belt and an insatiable love of the written word, so I took her words as an endorsement.

[Circa 2017]

Now, I can see age 40 from my backyard, and if my years of writing were a child, she would be in college. Instead, I’m in college. Sigh. The irony.

Over the past couple years, I have experienced the joy of pregnancy, the devastation of miscarriage, the removal of a huge uterine fibroid, the hurricane of a dissolving, unhappy marriage, the grind of an undergrad school year, and all the other harrowing celestial alignments, solstices, full moons, and god-forsaken presidential elections.

Sisters, I have been here in the trenches with you, and I think that’s some pretty amazing company.

Maybe your story has been a lot like mine. Perhaps your toils have been internal rather than literal.

Even so, Sister, Godde Bless, and here, have a brick of fair-trade chocolate and a cup of tea. Pull up a papasan and let’s have a chat about what it means to be a woman during The Shift.

I don’t have all the answers, but I have some observations, and if my knowledge can point you toward clarity, then right on.

As women, sisters, and mothers, let’s be a bridge of strength and unity.

My primary offerings are books.

I also love to hold discussions, interviews, and workshops. I would like to develop some seminars, masterclasses, and workbooks, eventually. Let me know what you would like to know in terms of feminine mysticism, and I’ll see what I can do.

By popular demand, I also offer Dance Devotionals on YouTube via ShimmyShanti, a channel I have dedicated to radical self-acceptance. Having struggled with obesity all my life, I finally found peace and confidence in the sensual, femme-positive art form of belly dance. C’mon over and dance with me–it’s free, and simple enough for all skill levels. If you can move, there’s something for you . 🙂

KC.NET. Ordained.2016

Back in 2010, I obtained an ordination online with the Universal Life Church in order to perform a marriage for a friend of mine. Sure, online ordinations sound silly, but I actually take mine seriously. Before leaving organized religion behind (10+ years ago), I was a leader and teacher for many years in my church’s women’s organization, and I served full time as a missionary for a year and a half. Preachin’ is in my blood on both sides of the family, so expect me to eyeball that soapbox every now and then. My personal faith practice is a nature-based spiritual path that I call “Secular Animism,” …but more on that in my upcoming books. I believe anyone should be able to perform the Rites of Life for another, because none of us is any closer to god than the other. Hence, online ordination is handy.

Come connect with me on Facebook. Ask questions, ask a favor, leave a suggestion. And check out Folk Mother TV where I post inspiration, info, interviews and chit-chats when I can.

Welcome to the Sanctuary.