Full “Harvest” Moon Coven | October 2016

Hello! Welcome to the very first Full Moon Coven! This is so exciting!

This month, it’s a Full, Harvest, Supermoon in Aries, so there’s no doubt this has been a difficult time for everyone. I know it has been for me. Below is an outline of what I talked about in this live devotional. Follow me on Facebook to catch the next one in 28-ish days! (and please excuse the technical difficulties. We’re working on it!)

Find Your Purpose, Don’t Procrastinate



Before we talk about what it means to be a woman, let’s talk about this world and its reality.

There’s a bajillion different philosophies about life out there, and I’m sure you hold a few of your own—ones you were fed as a kid, ones you picked up along the way. But there’s a few things about this reality that just are, and understanding some of those principles can help us put our lives into perspective.

We live in a world of Duality.

This means that we exist in the middle of a dance…

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