*This* Close to Your Next Mental Breakdown? Walk Away. [Seriously]

So, I’m one portfolio and two essay finals away from finishing my second to last semester of college.

Couple days ago, I was in the middle of writing the ump-teenth paper about old stories I didn’t care about anymore, and I was seriously starting to think my head was going to explode.

After I took a Naproxen and finished crying my face off for fifteen minutes, I posted this on Facebook:

All jokes aside, that is some real shit. More on breakdowns in a bit.

It’s now…

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Before we talk about what it means to be a woman, let’s talk about this world and its reality.

There’s a bajillion different philosophies about life out there, and I’m sure you hold a few of your own—ones you were fed as a kid, ones you picked up along the way. But there’s a few things about this reality that just are, and understanding some of those principles can help us put our lives into perspective.

We live in a world of Duality.

This means that we exist in the middle of a dance…

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