Mother Love: This Is for You

This is for you.

You are the only one reading,

So, basically, we’re alone, and you can fall apart here if you need to.

This is for you.


You thought for sure you would be a mother.

And you had plenty of time, right? ¬†Maybe you put it off by a few years, maybe five or ten, until the wrinkles started showing up, and you thought…oh, no.

Or maybe you played by the book. Married the right guy in the right place at the right time, with the right house…still, the empty house. Again. Your period started…

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Full “Harvest” Moon Coven | October 2016

Hello! Welcome to the very first Full Moon Coven! This is so exciting!

This month, it’s a Full, Harvest, Supermoon in Aries, so there’s no doubt this has been a difficult time for everyone. I know it has been for me. Below is an outline of what I talked about in this live devotional.¬†Follow me on Facebook to catch the next one in 28-ish days! (and please excuse the technical difficulties. We’re working on it!)

Find Your Purpose, Don’t Procrastinate

Expect to Grow Away from Your Friends

KC.NET. FEATURE. Grow Away.2. 2016


We like to think that people we love will be in our lives forever.

Practically, we know this isn’t true.

Aside from the obvious facts that occasionally your best friend dies of cancer, or your favorite college friend gets married and starts a family while you stay single and work on your career, sometimes we expect that people we groove with now should stay our friends when WE begin to raise or vibration and improve on the inside.

These people aren’t just any friends, either.

These women have seen. you….

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