On Needing, Reassurance, and Thirsting for Praise

“How artful can we get with praise?” John Wineland challenged the group of men who had gathered to understand how to interact better with women.

In this clip from one of his workshops, John and his co-teacher Justin Patrick Pierce lay down the principle that the Feminine grows through praise.

And I was like, wait–what?

(video contains brief adult language)

Let me swing back to this in a moment. First, a few thoughts that keep entering my airspace:

“If you had your life together, you would never need…

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Mother Love: This Is for You

This is for you.

You are the only one reading,

So, basically, we’re alone, and you can fall apart here if you need to.

This is for you.


You thought for sure you would be a mother.

And you had plenty of time, right?  Maybe you put it off by a few years, maybe five or ten, until the wrinkles started showing up, and you thought…oh, no.

Or maybe you played by the book. Married the right guy in the right place at the right time, with the right house…still, the empty house. Again. Your period started…

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Before we talk about what it means to be a woman, let’s talk about this world and its reality.

There’s a bajillion different philosophies about life out there, and I’m sure you hold a few of your own—ones you were fed as a kid, ones you picked up along the way. But there’s a few things about this reality that just are, and understanding some of those principles can help us put our lives into perspective.

We live in a world of Duality.

This means that we exist in the middle of a dance…

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French Women Hate Exercise: a Fresh Perspective on “Working” Out

KC.NET. FEATURE. French Women Hate.1. 2016

Privately, in my quest for a holistic lifestyle that will bring me health and less flab, I have secretly fallen in love with all things French.

First of all, j’adore the book French Women Don’t Get Fat: the Secret of Eating for Pleasure by Mireille Guiliano, which is arguably one of the sanest non-diet books ever written.

Second, I love the French concept of fashion, which follows the classical definition of modesty. This means that they dress with simplicity and grace,…

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