One Small Decision That Will Change Your Entire Year

I called a friend at midnight to wish her a Happy New Year–she didn’t seem too happy.

The wine had worn off, and she had to work in the morning, so she was trying to get me off the phone, but I pressed her just a bit to make sure she was okay. True to form, she popped like a grape.

“I hate my job, I hate my life, and I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do.”

This friend is actually extremely talented and a very hard worker when she has a clear goal, so I know that this lack of focus in her life was not only torturing her, it was probably the only thing preventing her from being truly fulfilled.

I asked, “Well if you hate this job, why did you take it?”

Incredulous that I would ask such a thing, and exasperated, she replied, “I needed the money!”

Then, in the pregnant silence that followed, we both knew the problem.

Tweet: Don’t ever do it for the money. via @_kmCarterDon’t ever do it for the money.

How many times do we compromise our dreams so that we can live the type of life others tell us we should live?

Whether the dream is big or small, it matters not–if you were given a gift that drives you with passion and makes you feel alive, you’ll never, never be satisfied until you’re doing that thing.

I asked her to look back on the past year and see all the times she took a bold step toward her highest authenticity. We identified all the times that things had just…worked out.

Being responsible doesn’t mean you live the life that is written for you–being responsible means you take ownership of the risks involved in building a truly authentic life that is truly amazing.

This year, build a life that makes you glow from the inside.

Feel the fear, but don’t let that stop you.

If you’re going to be a responsible adult, decide to be responsible for something remarkable.

Happy New Year,

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