Before we talk about what it means to be a woman, let’s talk about this world and its reality.

There’s a bajillion different philosophies about life out there, and I’m sure you hold a few of your own—ones you were fed as a kid, ones you picked up along the way. But there’s a few things about this reality that just are, and understanding some of those principles can help us put our lives into perspective.

We live in a world of Duality.

This means that we exist in the middle of a dance between opposites—hot/cold, up/down, winter/summer, wet/dry, male/female.

It is important to understand that Life is a whole organism, and that you are part of that whole. There is no part that is more important than the others. In fact, when each individual part does their own thing during the right season, the whole is healthy. The whole achieves harmony.

This is such an integral part of life that it permeates the way we think. We conceptualize things in terms of their opposite.

For example, what is water? Wet. What is wet? …um, not dry.

What is manhood? Not womanhood.

And yet, the harmonic interaction of masculine and feminine energy within biology creates new life!

Know that all is one. Know that without the aspects that you fulfill in this world, life cannot be.

Know that, as a woman, you are precious. You are part of a sisterhood.



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