Expect to Grow Away from Your Friends

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We like to think that people we love will be in our lives forever.

Practically, we know this isn’t true.

Aside from the obvious facts that occasionally your best friend dies of cancer, or your favorite college friend gets married and starts a family while you stay single and work on your career, sometimes we expect that people we groove with now should stay our friends when WE begin to raise or vibration and improve on the inside.

These people aren’t just any friends, either.

These women have seen. you. through.

And you did the same for them, because of course. Because Sisterhood.

But one day, you share a concept that lights you up, and they get irritated.

Maybe they get defensive. They don’t call you as often. Seems like the better your life becomes, the less they want to be with you.

This is the part that really hurts: when you realize, they can’t come with you where you are going.

We attract people to support us who are going through similar struggles. More importantly, we attract people who share our values and or set beliefs about what kind of life is possible to live.

When your mind starts to accept a new frequency, and believe that life could be more fulfilling for you, your energy will feel dissonant with theirs. It won’t feel good to either of you anymore.

There is, of course, the slim chance that your friend may evolve with you. But you and I both know, we can’t count on that. And it hurts. It hurts really bad. Because Sisterhood.

It may seem like a betrayal to let them go.

But if you don’t, it will get really weird really fast. Trust me. No, Trust Tony Robbins.

When Tony Robbins started making boatloads of money, the first thing he wanted to do was go places and do stuff with all of his friends–you know, have fun! Well, not all of his friends could afford all the stuff he wanted to do, and they started giving him static. In fact, he was eventually alienated from most of his friends. He got depressed, and all his money went away (until he pulled up his vibration, of course). In the end, everyone was miserable.

It is not a betrayal to allow your friends to distance themselves from you as you make positive changes. And it’s completely appropriate for you to make boundaries and create new habits that would exclude the people you used to hang with.

As Tony Robbins says, “you become who you hang out with.” And if your direction is up and out, there’s a slim chance your friends will follow.

Your time together was sacred, but just as sacred as it was, that time can also end.

If they’re cool with it, you can always be friendly, good acquaintances, or even casual friends. Maybe you’ll have a few deep discussions.

Expect this shift when you start to make choices that uplift your life and soul, and it will make for a more graceful transformation.


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