Goals: Turn Up the Heat

I wanted to get this extra little post out to you before the end of the week to clue you in on a tool that could make your days effortless, save you a lot of aggravation, and possibly heal your heart.

If you want less striving and more living, keep reading.

A few days ago, winter suddenly fell on Northeast Kansas. I’m still a full-time student, so I set my thermostat to the lowest temperature I could possibly stand to save a few bucks a month.

Yesterday, when I went out to the car to head to the gym, I swear ice crystals started forming on the surface of my eyeballs.

Last night, as I was attempting to type with pink and chilly fingers, shivering with my whole body, curling my toes in my socks and huddling around my mug of tea for warmth, it finally occurred to me,

What good is this really doing? I can hardly work like this, and I’m miserable!

So you know what I did? I turned up the heat.

Now, I didn’t turn my apartment into a tropical forest (don’t I wish). I gave myself four degrees. That was what I needed to work comfortably, to sleep well, and to feel relaxed and cared for. I realized,

Tweet: Money spent in self-care is ALWAYS money well-spent. https://ctt.ec/X6SVz+ via @_kmCarterMoney spent in self-care is ALWAYS money well-spent.

As you set your yearly goals, turn up the heat.

Many of us feel like there is some standard we should achieve in order to be acceptable to the mentors of our childhood and the idols we look up to.

Many of us feel like we have to sacrifice our delights, deny ourselves, and whip our asses with discipline in order to feel fulfilled.  If you’re like me, you’ve tried that enough to know that approach simply doesn’t work.

No more sacrifice, no more making due–put your soul on the agenda and prioritize pleasure.

For the past two years, I have been using Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner to keep me focused on my Core Desired Feelings from day to day. These simple words–


–remind me how I want to feel and guide me to plan my goals, my months, and my minutes. It helps me to do, have and be what will bring me the very finest form of myself.

I’m organized without agonizing. Driven, but not deprived. Satisfied while succeeding.

These gorgeous planners usually sell out, so if it sings to you, snag one while you can.

You can hustle, but no need to freeze while you do it.

Turn up the heat and allow yourself the indulgence of snuggles.


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