Goals: Turn Up the Heat

I wanted to get this extra little post out to you before the end of the week to clue you in on a tool that could make your days effortless, save you a lot of aggravation, and possibly heal your heart.

If you want less striving and more living, keep reading.

A few days ago, winter suddenly fell on Northeast Kansas. I’m still a full-time student, so I set my thermostat to the lowest temperature I could possibly stand to save a few bucks a month.

Yesterday, when I went out to the car to head to…

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Expect to Grow Away from Your Friends

KC.NET. FEATURE. Grow Away.2. 2016


We like to think that people we love will be in our lives forever.

Practically, we know this isn’t true.

Aside from the obvious facts that occasionally your best friend dies of cancer, or your favorite college friend gets married and starts a family while you stay single and work on your career, sometimes we expect that people we groove with now should stay our friends when WE begin to raise or vibration and improve on the inside.

These people aren’t just any friends, either.

These women have seen. you….

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